Bare Apparatus Enclosure Specifications

1.0 Scope

This specification covers the design and construction of factory assembled pad-mounted metal enclosures.

2.0 Construction

2.1 Enclosure to be tamper resistant and weather resistant. There are to be no exposed screws or bolts.
2.2 Enclosure to be constructed of a minimum of 11 gauge mild steel.
2.3 Enclosure to be of bolted construction.
2.4 Enclosure design to utilize welded spreader frames at top and bottom.
2.5 All panels and doors to have formed edges.
2.6 All external fasteners to be stainless steel.
2.7 Roof to be domed to shed water.
2.8 Construction to allow additional unit(s) to be added on to the existing enclosure at a later date.
2.9 Enclosure to be shipped completely factory assembled with lifting provisions. When specified, the assembly is to be mounted on a 4" steel channel skid with lifting provisions.

3.0 Doors

3.1 All door openings to be a minimum of 40" square. Larger sizes are available.•3.2 A recessed penta-head bolt to be provided on all doors when specified. Dead-front construction to be provided when specified.
3.3 Two doors to be provided on each unit as a standard. Side panels may be substituted for doors when requested.
3.4 Door hinge to have a minimum of 0.375" diameter stainless steel.
3.5 Doors to have a positive 3-point latching mechanism.
3.6 Door handles to be capable of accepting a padlock handle to have 0.312" square shaft.

4.0 Venting

4.1 Enclosure to have adequate venting to dissipate the heat of the enclosed equipment.
4.2 Vent openings to be covered on inside with perforated aluminum screen.

5.0 Paint Coating Specification

Gilbert Electrical Systems and Products is proud to announce the introduction for our new state of the art POWDER COATING paint system  utilizing Alesta®1 brand Powder coatings by DuPont. This powder coating is now offered as an alternative to our conventional spray painting at no additional cost

The Alesta® brand Powder Coating system is designed to provide a tough, durable and highly decorative finish. The final product  has a cured film thickness of approximately 2.5 to 3.0 mils and is volatile organic compound (VOC) free. In extremely corrosive environments, an additional primer coat is offered as an adder.

This is a superior system to other standard paint systems and has excellent hardness, flexibility, exterior durability, corrosion resistance, and chemical /solvent resistance.

Our factory employs a five stage pretreatment process that cleans, treats and seals the material to be coated, ensuring a quality, corrosion resistant finish. This process first thoroughly cleans the steel and then treats it with an Iron Phosphate conversion coating that serves as a rust inhibitor and bonding agent for the Powder Coating. The final step in this process enhances the corrosion resistance of the painted part as well as increasing the adhesion properties of the topcoat. All five steps work together to ensure a superior finish.

The standard colors available are

•ANSI 70 Gray
•ANSI 61 Gray
•Munsell Green
•Sky White
•Safety Yellow

Other colors are available at additional cost on request. The interior and exterior are usually painted the same color, however two color paint schemes or different interior color schemes may be accommodated by referring to sales for pricing.

As part of our new system we have installed the following Batch Finishing / Powder Coat Paint Equipment

•New Polypropylene Paint Booth - 32’ long x 15’ wide x 15’ high. The paint booth system incorporates two (2) Nordson Sure Coat II Manual Electrostatic spray gun systems with 50 lb. powder feed hoppers and a dual Nordson  Versa-Coat 7200 powder collection system. The system operates with an automatic feedback current control with three preset coating modes to assure a consistent, uniform powder application.

•New Convection Direct Fired Gas Oven - 30’ long x 14’ wide x 14’ high.  The new oven operates with a Maxon 2.5 million BTU burner, and a Honeywell / Allen Bradley PLC control system to assure accurate dependable  temperature control. The end result is a uniform highly durable finish.

TGIC-Polyester Technical Summary

TGIC-polyester powders where introduced in the late 70’s and were designed for decorative and protective and applications where exterior durability is a requirement. These powders spread evenly, informally and have excellent adhesion to steel enclosures.

Adhesion (ASTM D-3359, Method B)

Using pressure sensitive tape, no coating was lifted or removed between 1/8” crosshatch scribes. (Rating = 5B)

Impact Resistance (Modified ASTM D-2794)

Using a falling weight impact ester, the film surface withstands up to 160 inch lbs. of direct and reverse impact.

Flexibility, Mandrel (Modified ASTM D-522)

The film surface withstands an 1800 bend over a 1/8” diameter with no loss of adhesion or surface cracking.

Abrasion Resistance (Modified ASTM D-4060)

Coating weight loss after 1,000 cycles of Taber abraders equipped with CS-10 wheels loaded to 1 kg per wheel is approximately 40-60 mg.

Corrosion and Chemical Performance Properties

Salt spray Resistance (ASTM B-117)

Scribed Bonderite 1000 steel panels in a 5% salt fog at 950 F and 100% relative humidity, exhibit no undercutting of the film after 500 hours of exposure. No rusting or blistering occurred on panel face away from scribes. After 1,000 hours there is less than 1/16” undercutting.

Alesta® brand powders is UL recognized for steel enclosures for outdoor use. (A registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company).

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