Enclosed Distribution Capacitor Bank

Gilbert Electrical Systems will work closely with the customer to design and manufacture the capacitor package to fit our customer’s needs. We have a strong engineering presence and are very accessible to our customers. Enclosures are welded construction and ideal for industrial applications. Bolted steel enclosures is available as an option.
Gilbert Electrical Systems | Enclosed Distribution Capacitor Bank | Beaver, West Virginia


•Oil Switches
•Vacuum Contactors (< 6.6kv)
•Vacuum Switches (Available with zero voltage closing)


•Automatic (Power Factor, VAR, Voltage, Current, Time, and Temperature)

Unbalance Detection Scheme

•PT (Neutral to Ground) for Floating WYE banks.
•CT (Neutral to Ground) for Grounded WYE Banks.
•CT on phases for Delta Connections.

Enclosure Options

•A60 pickled & oil steel
•304L Stainless Steel
•Aluminum 5052-H32

Bolted Type Mid Steel (Bare Apparatus Enclosure Construction) design is available for smaller units

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