It’s Electric! Electrical News Roundup
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We may be all about electrical systems here at Gilbert, but no one likes being in the know about all the goings-on in the electrical world more than we do. Inventions, automation, automobiles, 3-D printing — you name it, and it’s probably happened in the electrical world during this past year. Not everything included in this electrical news roundup is about our line of work, but these headlines show how the electronics world is advancing. Take a look at these ‘shocking’ news stories that caught our team members’ eyes.

  • You’ve heard of telecommuting, but what about a telepresence? Sure, everyone has (probably) taken a sick day or played hookey when they needed a day off. But for those who are in the hospital, or prefer working remotely, that idea is no longer just a sci-fi concept a joke from “The Big Bang Theory.” Thanks to the California-based company Double Robotics, a “rolling robot” can let sick children attend school, give a personal touch to videoconferences, have less lag in virtual meetings – among other electrical advances. Read the whole story about this development in the electrical world on CNET.
  • First, there were mass-produced cars. Then, the first half of the 2010s saw 3-D printing take the world by storm. In the past year, several automotive companies have upped the ante by creating self-driving cars. But now, Phoenix-based company Local Motors is setting the bar even higher with their new car, the LM3D Swim, the world’s first 3-D printed car. While 3-D printers and cars aren’t necessarily electronics or electrical systems, Local Motors is making history with their 3-D printed car that can be mass-produced. With approximately 75 percent of the LM3D Swim’s body being 3-D printed and the Swim model being completely electric, the $53,000 price tag isn’t the most astonishing thing about this headline. Read the full story on Tech Times, and learn more about Local Motors and their electrical advancements on their site.
  • Not the electrical systems we work on per se, but as the electrical world is going mobile, there are now several ways to make all aspects of your life mobile via electrical devices. Smartphone apps, electronics, and other similarly designed devices have boasted that they can make your home life easier by connecting all of your electronics to the Internet. But connecting your home’s electronics to turn them into miniature electrical systems is a significant investment. So how do you know which products to buy? How do you know the current models won’t be replaced with a newer model in a few months? What about how your home is currently setup? Before you jump into this project, CNET has tips on what to do before you invest in home electrical systems. Read the whole article on CNET.

Do you have an interest in electrical news? Tell us what topics you’d like to see in the next electrical world news roundup, and we’ll include them in upcoming blogs.

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